Peter Wildman

The Trans-Emotion Room

Interactive Installation 2013

Inyeon is a Korean term that expresses the spontaneous force that exists between people and their connections. This force brings us together and creates a trail of interactions through our lives. Inyeon is a series of temporal drawing projects based on the performance between people and the forces between them. Central to these works is the occupation of one of the most personal spaces we inhabit, a space that carries us through landscapes, a space that we mold with each step; our shoes.

Trans-emotion Room is interested in exploring the variations of body temperature in moments where personal space is shared and possible connections made between people. Two participants are asked to share a small room. When they enter this space they place themselves into a pair of shoes provided, which are embedded with a temperature sensor. These shoes become an interface monitoring the body for changes in temperature. Trans-emotion Room interprets this connection and responds by subtly altering the colour spectrum of the light surrounding them.

This work was supported by ARC at the College of Fine Arts

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