Peter Wildman

Detail image of EEG exposed self portraits Overall image of EEG exposed self portraits

Self Exposure

Photographic Self Portrait Series 2014

Self Exposure is a series of black and white self portraits taken with a 35mm film camera during five consecutive daily meditation sittings. The photos are presented as a series of five film strips at a ratio of 1:1 to the 35mm film stock they were exposed onto. The exposure length of each image was controlled by a commercial Electroencephalography (EEG) device connected to the subject.

Meditation data gathered from the wavelengths being emitted from the scalp of the meditating subject was analysed with custom computer software and transmitted to a micro-controller and servo motor attached to the shutter release of the camera. The more medatative the artist was at a given point the more exposed the self portrait was and inversely the less medatative the less exposed. The resulting series of images are an aesthetic data representation of the flux of exposure that the artist had to their medatative state and their self during the process of creation. The work aims to address ideas situated around correct cognitive exposure, itterative and experimental photographic practices as studies and symbolic representations of cognitive states.