Peter Wildman

The Pen and The Postcard

Interactive Installation 2013

Digital technology has managed to embed itself in more and more of the devices we use throughout daily life. This comes under the guise of being more responsive, more connected and more expressive. There’s a lot to like about the more, but not much is said about the less.

Many of these devices have served us well in their current form for generations, yet there’s no shortage of desire for digitisation in these objects: the idea that our interaction can only get better with the addition of sensors, social media and screens is questionable at best.

The Pen and The Postcard is a comment on our fascination to continually add higher and higher levels of technology to objects that already function perfectly well. By adding every sensor we owned to an oversize pencil, we wanted to see if this obscene amount of technology encouraged people to engage with the act of writing, or instead impeded their attempts.

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